Merchants that are processing with BANKCARD SERVICES are up and processing transactions within a day or two with some of the best processing rates in the industry and enjoying platinum customer service. A service where our merchants don’t have to spend their valuable time on hold and can have their questions and issues handled quickly and efficiently. This could be you!

First, we have a state-of-the-art brand new credit card processing terminal or terminals, if needed, because  BANKCARD SERVICES know if the cost of doing business is lower, then your profits will be higher and that is the bottom line. At the heart of every successful business decision is who you choose. If you choose the right partner then success is more attainable. The difference between making and not making enough money is simply paying too much for the same product and service you could have received from BANKCARD SERVICES  for less.

There are many companies out there promising rates that are too good to be true and guess what, they are! Every company that provides credit card processing services to merchants have the same costs structure as everyone else. The only difference between all these companies is how much they want to make at your expense for processing your customer’s credit cards.


We at BANKCARD SERVICES find it better to make a little from a large number than to make a lot from a few. Those few are the losers because their costs are up and their profits are down.


So why go with a company who will overcharge you for the credit card terminal and credit card processing fees with a customer service that holds you hostage to their time consuming (long hold times on the phone) and not getting the answers you need. Call today and find out why so many merchants are choosing BANKCARD SERVICES. 


Our merchants are grateful to have their Credit Card processing through BANKCARD SERVICES while enjoying world class customer service and finding their credit card processing deposits are quickly and accurately put into their merchant bank account.

Key to Success